Best Rates in Vancouver

Our rates are transparent. We believe in offering our customers clear and simple rates. Our team explains everything ahead of time and our customers never have to worry about unexpected costs when the move is completed

Rates Starts at $140/hr for 2 movers & a truck

A lot of variables go into determining pricing so it is important that we are upfront with our clients when it comes to the charges they will incur. There will be no hidden charges, no fuel surcharge and our rates are uniform across all truck sizes we offer

We have a 3 hour minimum rate and we charge in 30 minute blocks after the initial 3 hours. Our charging commences when we get to the pickup location and stops when we empty everything from our truck(s), furniture has been assembled, positioned where our customers want it to be placed and the customer has given us the green light

Do it yourself packing
Packed and ready for the local Vancouver mover

Our moving rate is $120/hr (2 movers and a truck). This rate applies to the peak moving times of the month (typically at the end of the month). We always work with our clients to try and make every move as affordable as can be

We offer a lower rate of $110/hr (2 movers and a truck) for mid-month moves. We understand that sometimes moving dates and times can be inflexible however if there is flexibility, we encourage our clients to consider times in the month when rates are lower

Our packing rate is $80/hr (2 packers)

Clients have the option of supplying our professional packers with moving supplies or if you prefer, we will provide all the moving supplies the packers will need to safeguard the customers possessions

Our common practice is that our professional packing team comes in the day before the moving date and they will carefully pack everything and have it ready for our moving team when they come in the following day for the move

Seniors Discount:

We offer 10% discount to all seniors 65 years and over

Great rates for moving ready packed totes

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Quick Quote Rates Start at $140/hr for 2 movers & a truck