4 Great Tips For An Eco-Friendly Move In Vancouver

It is very possible to move in an eco-friendly manner. Here are 4 great tips for an eco-friendly move in Vancouver. There is a growing interest in reducing the impact moving has on the environment. Small changes can be made to ensure that moving is eco-friendly.  Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some things have to be purchased brand new when moving but our plan is to highlight ways to cut back on buying in excess anything that will impact the environment adversely. Below are some tips that can help the environment thrive without impacting how you move. The list below just highlights a few out of many ways we can cut back or reuse so as to have a greener move

Sell, Donate and Recycle

As you declutter in preparation for the move ensure that you avoid throwing items out. We advise our customers to sell, donate or recycle. Items you no longer have use for do not necessarily need to end up in the landfill. They can find a second life somewhere. Organize a garage sale first, whatever is left behind from the sale can be donated to Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, schools or local organizations. Recycling is not just limited to plastic bottles and cardboard. A lot of household goods can be recycled. Items like old electronics and appliances do not need to end up at the landfill, they can be recycled. Do your research and find local organizations that can find use for the things you no longer need. Get recycling tips and learn where to recycle electronics near you at Electrorecycle

4 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Move In Vancouver

Use Gently Used Moving Supplies

Instead of purchasing everything brand new, use gently used moving boxes. This will save you money and also mean you are being green. Something as simple as using used boxes can have a big impact when it comes to having an eco-friendly move. Alternatively, you can look for free boxes from grocery stores or liquor stores. Using gently used boxes is an easy way to have an eco-friendly move. Do not dispose of the boxes once you are done with them. There is good chance someone else could get good use out of them. Post them on any selling platforms online or donate them so that they can be reused

Instead of buying or finding boxes, you can use whatever is in your home. From suitcases to empty garbage bins. If it can be utilized to carry something, use it. The use of cardboard boxes may be inevitable when you move but the number of boxes can be reduced by using containers you have in your home. You will need some boxes for your move, but you can greatly cut down on the total number of boxes by using containers you already have to pack your items

Use Eco-Friendly Packing Materials

To cut back on the paper and plastic that is usually used to fill up empty spots in moving boxes, we encourage the use of alternative material you have lying around your home. Instead of purchasing paper and plastic, use towels, clothes, linens, comforters and blankets. The main purpose of this is to be sustainable and what better way to achieve this by repurposing what you already have at your disposal in your home for the move. Cutting back on the amount of plastic and paper used when moving will help greatly in being eco-friendly.  A small change like this can take some of the burden off of the environment

Move everything in one load

Burning fuel is unfortunately not very eco-friendly but is inevitable when it comes to moving. This is where hiring a moving company and movers who are green helps. Moving companies have different sized trucks they use to fit the amount of possessions to be moved. This cuts back on the back and forth between the two homes and will result in a much greener move. Making the move in the fewest amount of trips will help the environment

Try to make the fewest amount of trips possible with your move. Skip the small trips to and from your new place and focus on getting all of your items shipped by your movers on moving day. If you do plan to do some of the moving yourself, pack as much as possible into your car or van instead of doing it little by little. The less trips you can make during your move, the better. Moving companies that are eco-friendly are better equipped to get your move done with the least amount of environmental impact

We encourage everyone to use sites like RecycleBC to figure out where they can drop off material to be recycled because sometimes we have to use plastic or cardboard. A site like RecycleBC will help either give you ideas on how to repurpose unwanted item or guide you on where to take unwanted items so that they can be disposed in an eco-friendly manner. Moving can be green, it is on everyone to make the necessary small changes in the way we approach moving. These small changes we make will in-turn make a large impact on the environment around us

 Let Us Help You Move

At The Moving Company Inc we believe in moving in an eco-friendly way is the way to safeguard the environment for future generations. This is why we strive to be as green as possible when it comes to all the moves we are a part of. We take care of your moving needs and also guide you on how to make your move as eco-friendly as can be.  Reach out to our experienced team at info@themovingcompanyinc.com for a quick quote or call 604.493.2051 and let us plan your next move. Let our team make your next move the greenest one yet

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