5 Reasons to Move to Vancouver

Thinking of moving to Vancouver? Great idea!  Vancouver is constantly named as one of the top ten worldwide cities for liveability and quality of life.  Vancouver has the prestigious distinction of being the first city to rank in the top-ten of the world’s most liveable cities for five years in a row. The city ranked 3rd, behind only Melbourne and Vienna in 2017 and in 2019 it dropped to 6th but is still up there with the best. Vancouver is definitely a great place for anyone to call home. Here are 5 reasons to move to Vancouver

Great Weather

Canada is well known for its very long and cold winters however Vancouver is an exception. Winters in Vancouver are very mild with very little snow that usually melts away in a day. This is attributed mainly to Vancouver’s close proximity to the ocean. Great weather is one of the main reasons why the city is very desirable.

Vancouver offers clear great weather almost all year round. Instead of heavy snowfalls during winter, it mostly rains. Unlike snow, you do not have to shovel rain, and that is huge bonus. Vancouver has a decent balance in weather hence making it an ideal place to call home.

Cultural Diversity

Vancouver is a melting pot for a lot of different nationalities.  If you are looking to expand your social circles to include different nationalities, Vancouver is your place.  With cultural diversity comes a lot of advantages which include creativity and the exchange of ideas. This is beneficial in developing a more representative city. You can see the benefits of cultural diversity on a city like Vancouver in everything from the shops, restaurants, cafes and the art. This makes Vancouver a great place to live.


Vancouver offers a lot of employment opportunities for anyone looking to move to the city, this is thanks to its diverse economy.  Tourism plays a major role as Vancouver is a major tourist destination in Canada. The film and television production also has a large footprint in Vancouver’s economy. A lot of hit television shows and movies have been shot and produced in Vancouver.

Other major players in the economy are artificial intelligent companies and gaming companies. Vancouver is also home to one of Canada’s largest ports. This port allows Canada to trade with the word and the world trade with Vancouver. Cultural diversity also plays a major role in the employment sector. Diversity brings different perspectives that inspire creativity and drive innovation.

Beautiful Beaches and Mountains

Thanks to Vancouver’s great weather, you can enjoy an abundance of beautiful beaches in Vancouver most of the year. When you cannot go the beaches, the mountains are close by and in winter, Vancouver is close to some of the best ski resorts in the world. Whatever your preference is, Vancouver has something for you. Vancouver is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty making it a very picturesque. One can get to enjoy great sunsets or sunrises from the beautiful beaches and mountains that surround Vancouver.

After a busy day at work, you can enjoy the great sunset views and Instagram worthy sights of the city. Vancouver is a home to some stunning beaches and mountains within reach.

Great Restaurants

Cultural diversity in Vancouver has really boosted the restaurant scene in Vancouver. No matter what your desire, you can choose from the wide range of international cuisine. Food in Vancouver is really good. This is a real foodie city and with seafood caught a stone’s throw away. The city boasts of many award winning restaurants and cafes.

Vancouver benefits from all the seafood from the Pacific Ocean. Great weather also means a variety of fresh fruits and produce can be grown locally and sold at local farmers markets. If you enjoy food, Vancouver is your spot. You will have a tough time deciding on a favorite spot as they are all good.

Ready to move Vancouver

Vancouver is perfect spot for you. The city is rich in diversity as it is a melting of a lot of different cultures which makes it a unique and fun place to call home.

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