How To Save Money Moving in 2022

Moving can be costly if proper planning is not taken into account 

We have moved many individuals and families over the years and we have helped our customers find ways to save money when moving. As a moving company we understand the costs that come with moving and how it can potentially spiral out of control.  We have composed below, a few ways that may help you save money and still keep your valued possessions damage free. We always tell our clients to keep it simple, have a good checklist, a solid plan and stick to it


Moving gives the perfect opportunity to clear out things that have not been used in a while. If it has not been used in the past year, chances are you do not need it. We encourage customers to have a solid plan when it comes to decluttering and consider donating, selling or giving these items to those in need. We advise customers to have three piles (sell, donate & recycle). Go room by room and try not to rush the process, it does not all have to be done in one day. Go through everything meticulously, be thorough but efficient

Decluttering means less items to be moved resulting in a quick move. The quicker the mover, the cheaper the move. Organize a garage sale and get rid of the sell pile. The money from this sale can be used to offset the overall moving expenses. What remains after the garage sale can be donated to places like Habitat for Humanity or The Salvation Army

How To Save Money on Your Next Move in 2022

Start Packing Early  

Packing plays a very crucial role in keeping your valued possessions damage free so it is important that packing be done properly. Be organized and start packing the moment you know you will be moving. Typically a rushed packed job leads to a lot of damaged items. Start with the stuff you use the least and leave the most used stuff for the very end. The sooner you begin packing the sooner you can relax 

Packing your own things saves you money on hiring professional packers.  It will only cost you time and effort. If you have everything packed and ready to go, the movers will take less time moving your belongings

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies can get pricy, however that cost can be minimized by doing a few things. Visit local shops and ask for empty boxes. Ensure that the boxes are sturdy. A great place to find boxes will be your local liquor store. You are guaranteed to find sturdy boxes there. On top of being sturdy, the boxes are the perfect size and they are hard to overload so they will not be too heavy. After you find the boxes, look around your house. Old blankets, towels and newspapers can all be used as packing material

Avoid Big Purchases before the Move

Avoid moving extra items by holding off on big purchases until you have moved to your new home. Keep the move “ fairly light”, the fewer the items  to be moved from the current home, the quicker your movers can be done and that helps keep the moving cost down

Timing is everything

Aim to move during off peak time. A mid-week move is cheaper than weekend move, a mid-month move is cheaper than an end of the month move. Do your homework, shop around and compare moving rates. Some moving companies offer different rates depending on when you intend to move. A lot of variables go into determining pricing so it is important to find a company that is upfront with you when it comes to the charges you will incur. Rates should be transparent

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