Essential Supplies For Do It Yourself Packing


The right tools and equipment can make the moving process smooth and easy. To help save customers money, we often encourage them to use material they find around the house when packing for a move. Some customers prefer to purchase moving supplies and the following are some of the most important supplies you will need in preparation for the movers. Having a good checklist is a great way to start getting organized. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to making sure you have all the right tools to ensure that your belongings will be secure and safe.


It is important that the moving boxes you pick are sturdy. Your belongings will be safer from damage in a sturdy box as opposed to a flimsy one. Take your time in selecting the right boxes that will work for your move. Grab more boxes than you think you will need. There is nothing as frustrating as running out of boxes in the middle of packing so we often encourage clients to get more boxes than they think they will use. Trust me, you will thank yourself for that. Most places will take back unused boxes so do your research to ensure the return policy on boxes will be in your favor. Pick up various size boxes, one size fits all will not apply to moving boxes. Certain items ship better and safer in smaller boxes and some will ship best in larger boxes. Give yourself options and always remember not to over pack boxes

Moving Blankets

Essential Supplies For Do It Yourself Packing

These will be used mainly to protect your furniture and appliances so it is important they be soft and thick. Blankets are important in keeping your belongings damage free as they absorb any kind of impact and protect your belongings from the weather elements. Moving blankets are usually used to protect your biggest and most prized possessions, we advise customers to ensure they purchase good quality blankets. Good quality blankets are also easier to resell after the move is done, just something to keep in mind

Packing Paper & Bubble Wrap

These two are commonly used to cover fragile items like plates and cups. On top of keeping surfaces and items scratch free, these are also can be used to fill hollow items like mugs and ceramic teapots to reduce vibration in transit. Bubble wrap and packing paper can also be used to fill up empty spots in packed boxes. The plan is to always make sure that everything is fairly snug within the box, so the bubble wrap and packing paper are essential in making sure that this is possible.

The less vibrations and shifting your possession go through during the move, the higher the chances of them remaining damage free.  Using bubble wrap and packing paper is very cost effective way to safeguard your belongings

Packing Tape

Packing tape is not only used to secure the boxes shut, tape is also used to secure the moving blankets around big sized items like couches and tables. It important that you purchase good tape. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to tape. If the price seems too good to be true, it usually means it is not the best. Buy a lot of rolls as you will use a lot of tape to secure the bottom of the boxes. Make sure you go over every seam at the bottom of the box a minimum of 3 times. Again, these are your belonging and it should be important that the box they go in has a solid base. Purchase strong adhesive tape and do your due diligence in taping the bottom of the boxes


Use these to labels all your boxes. Having clearly marked boxes will guarantee that unloading will be faster resulting in you saving money because your movers will know precisely where your items have to go. To make it easier on the movers, label all exposed sides. Having clearly labeled boxes saves time. You should clearly labels boxes that are heavy so that the movers know. Having clearly marked boxes in that sense prevents injury. Another way to label the boxes is by using different color markers for different rooms. It will make life easy for the movers resulting in a faster move that saves you money

Mattress covers 

It important to keep your mattresses clean while moving and the easiest way to do this is to utilize mattress covers. Trust us, you will thank yourself for purchasing them. They come in various sizes so that you can buy the right size for the size mattress you have.

It always pays in the end to buy the best in the beginning, look at moving supplies as an investment to protect your valued belongings.

At The Moving Company Inc, we can supply you will all the essential packing supplies you need for your next move. Reach out to our experienced team and they will help you decide on the amount of supplies you will need. We also have professional packers ready to help if the packing process seems overwhelming. Hiring our packing team will ensure that your time is freed up so that you take care of other important things

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