5 Helpful Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Fragile items are tricky to pack when moving. As a moving company we understand that there are sentimental items our customers prefer to pack themselves in preparation for moving.  The Moving Company Inc. has a dedicated packing team that is ready to help customers who need advice on how to safely pack their prized possessions. This is a service that comes at no charge to our customers. Below are 5 helpful tips for packing fragile items to ensure that your valued belongings avoid damage during a move

Use quality moving material

First thing we advise our customers is to get good quality packing materials to use. Remember these are your heirlooms so ensure that you are using quality products to protect them whilst in transit. The packing material that can be used include but not limited to the following, moving boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, shredded paper, packing foam and packing tape. At The Moving Company Inc, we can supply great quality packing material upon request. This can be the difference between keeping your items damage free or not.

Wrap Each Item Individually 

A basic rule of thumb is to wrap each item individually regardless of size. Loose pieces like lids from a teapot for example should wrapped separately from the tea pot. Bubble wrap and packing foam are ideal for wrapping items individually. Once the items are wrapped use packing tape to ensure the protective material stays in place. Packing plays a very crucial role in keeping your valued possessions damage free so we encourage this stage not to be rushed.

Pick the right size box


Picking the right size box is essential in making sure that nothing happens to your fragile heirlooms. When you pick the right sized box, secure the bottom by taping it several times. Don’t be shy when it comes to taping the bottom as this is critical to the safe transport of the fragile items.  Pad the bottom of the box once you are happy with the taping and start loading up the box.  A rule of thumb is that the heavier the item being packed, the smaller the box to be used. Try not to overfill your boxes. Always keep in mind that you are packing fragile valuables. Heavier items always go on the bottom of the box.

Fill empty spots in the box

Once you are satisfied with the loaded box, take the time to use either shredded paper or packing peanuts to fill the empty spots within the packed box. Filling these spots ensures that your fragile items stay in place and are not moving around in the box while in transit. Alternatively, customers who do not have shredded paper or peanuts can use clothing items to fill the empty spots within the box.

Mark boxes as fragile or put fragile stickers on them

It is advisable to labels all the boxes containing fragile heirlooms as it prompts the movers to pay extra attention to the way they handle the box or boxes. Make sure the labelling is visible for all to see.

Let us help you with your next move

We are here to help our customers with expert advice. Our experienced team at The Moving Company Inc. will work closely with customers who wish to personally pack sentimental items to ensure that it is done right and that their items will be safe from damage. In the event that customers change their mind, we will gladly come in and pack not only their heirlooms but we can pack all their belongings. Our experienced packers can ensure that your fragile belongings are packed correctly and will be protected during the move. Give our trusted team a call or send an to info@themovingcompanyinc.com and we will plan your next move. Our team will pack, move and unpack your belongings for you.

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