Benefits Of Using A Mover On A Rainy Day In Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver experiences a lot of rain from October to March. Moving during this time can be a very daunting experience, however finding a local mover can take away the anxiety that comes with moving in the rain.  Local movers know what to expect and will help in making a rainy day move easy. Movers keep track of the weather conditions leading up to the moving day to ensure they have everything they will need to protect your belongings in the event that rain is in the forecast. Below are top benefits of having your local mover do everything for you

Pre-Move Site Visit

In the moving industry small details are very vital as they can make or break a move

A local mover will come and work with you to ensure that all the “t’s” are crossed and “i’s” are dotted.  A representative from your local moving company will evaluate what needs to be done to have a successful move. You will be supplied with a checklist that will help in making sure that all aspects of planning the move are covered.

The representative will assist in reserving elevator(s), loading dock spot(s) and (or) securing a parking spaces close to the house/apartment. On a rainy day, it is critical that the movers keep your belongings dry by cutting back on the distance travelled in the rain. Reserving in advance elevators, loading dock spots and blocking off parking spots close to the house or apartment will help minimize time in the rain


Packing for a rainy day move is an art. Local movers can take the hassle out of packing for your big day as they have packing experts they can bring in to make sure that your belongings are well protected

To protect your furniture from the rain, the packing team will put three layers on your belongings to ensure they stay dry. Plastic wrap goes on first, a moving blanket forms the second layer and then another round of the plastic wrap. Those three layers will create an effective barrier that will protect your furniture from the rain

“Not all boxes are created equal” and our packing experts know that. Local moving companies will supply moving boxes upon request that are tailored to your move. Movers understand the care needed to properly handle and pack your belonging especially on a rainy day. Moving boxes will be lined up with extra padding as an extra layer of protection from the weather element

Unpacking of your belonging will be done immediately at the destination to ensure that all belongings have been moved safely and are free from water damage


Benefits Of Using A Mover On A Rainy Day In Metro Vancouver

After everything has been boxed/packed and ready to be loaded, your local mover will split their team on the ground into two, one group will focus on bringing your belongings to a designated spot (garage/ main entrance). The second team will take it from that spot and put everything in the truck (loading) or designated room (unloading)

Having two teams minimizes the foot traffic in the house/apartment which usually means less cleaning at the end of the day

The movers will use anti slip floor runners on high traffic areas and slip resistant shoe covers not only for their safety, but for the well-being of all your valuable belongings they will be carrying


Nothing is as stressful as a friend or family member calling you the morning of the move to say that they cannot make it in to help with the move because it is raining

One of the benefits of hiring local movers is that they will show up rain or shine on time on the day of the move without fail as agreed on. Using experienced local movers ensures that you do not have to worry about your belongings getting damaged or friends/family possibly hurting themselves while helping move in slippery conditions.  Your local movers are used to heavy lifting in all weather conditions. Carrying boxes and furniture up and down stairs is no easy undertaking. Local movers will save your family and friends from injury as they use the right tools to move heavy objects around

Peace Of Mind

Let’s be honest, moving can be stressful because planning a move can get overwhelming. One way to ease your mind of the stress that comes with moving is to get a local mover. Local movers are highly experienced and know how to take care of your belongings big or small. Knowing that your belongings are in safe capable hands will help to ease your mind and take away any anxiety on moving day

Hire A Local Moving Company For Your Next Move

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