Commercial Moving

Looking for a commercial mover in Vancouver? Our moving coordinator will start off the moving process by visiting both the old and new sites then carefully crafting a moving plan tailored to our customer’s needs. Planning is very important in moving and our coordinator will review the moving plan with our customer for approval. We are in constant contact with the customer at every stage of the move. The overall goal is to make the transition from old to new seamless experience. We understand the importance of maintaining productivity while in the process of moving

Quick Quote Rates Start at $140/hr for 2 movers & a truck

Commercial Moving

We realize that commercial moving can be very daunting. At The Moving Company Inc, we are here to make sure the transition from one location to the next is as smooth as possible with minimal disruption to the everyday workflow

Every move is unique and we work hand in hand with the customer to carefully plan out everything in detail. We assign a moving coordinator who will ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met

Commercial moving in Vancouver
Office packing in preparation for a move in Vancouver

Commercial Packing

Our team of professional packers understand that packing your documents and files is an art. Our packing services have been designed to save you time. Our customers can plan the rest of the move without the added stress of trying to make time to pack their entire office or warehouse

Hiring our packing team is a very cost effective and stress free option for our customers when they move


Let Our Team Help

Depending on the business our customers are in, we organize overnight moves, weekend moves and in some cases day moves. Our moving coordinator will work with our customer to make sure the packing and unpacking does not inconvenience the everyday workflow for our customer

We offer a flexible and tailored packing and unpacking service to suit every need. We encourage clients to have our packing team come in and pack their documents and files a few days before the moving

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Quick Quote Rates Start at $140/hr for 2 movers & a truck