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Delta is home to the George C. Reifel Migratory bird sanctuary, a must for bird enthusiasts. Not only does it offer people the chance to see birds like eagles, falcons and cranes, it also has some easy hiking trails that have beautiful panoramic views. The city is also home to the Centennial beach where one can walk out for 30 minutes on low tide and is also a great spot for bird watching. The city also has the famous Big Splash Waterpark which is located right next to Tsawwassen Mills

Quick Quote Rates Start at $140/hr for 2 movers & a truck

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The Moving Company Inc is a full service moving company, equipped and ready to cater to our customers moving needs. Our ultimate goal is for our customers to have a worry-free and smooth move to Delta.  We take great pride in being reliable, professional and affordable. Whether big or small, if you need it moved, our dedicated team will move it. Let our experienced team help you move to Delta.  Fill out the form above for a no obligation quote

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Let our attentive and caring team seamlessly move your belongings from one residence to the next. Our professional team will take the moving hassle away so that you can focus your time on other important things


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Whether moving within British Columbia or beyond, let our trusted team of long distance movers handle everything for you. Let us do the homework for you so that you can focus on other things requiring your attention

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Quick Quote Rates Start at $140/hr for 2 movers & a truck